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Prescription for Ethics: An Antidote to the Worship of Scientific Learning

The university where I teach states its mission as “foster[ing] intellectual inquiry and critical thinking, preparing graduates who will serve as effective, ethical leaders and engaged citizens.” It’s a tall order, and I have read this statement to myself many … Continue reading

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Teaching Composition Courses to Non-English Majors: A Multipronged Approach

As one who teaches English composition to undergraduates who are non-English majors, my first task is to convince the students that being able to write well is important, that being able to persuade others is important, and that the approach … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Day Trippin’, Yeah!

At no time of year does it become more apparent that Americans are a people who enjoy their freedom of choice than on Thanksgiving Day. Aside from those vegans and vegetarians who will opt for Tofurky, most cooks will weigh … Continue reading

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